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Welcome to Berlin CocoaHeads!

We are the Berlin chapter of Cocoaheads. We meet once every month and talk about iOS and OS X development. If you're into Cocoa and in Berlin, come in and say hi.

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Next meetings

Apr 16th

Building Forms with Ullrich Part 1: MVVM + RAC = <3 or Model-View-ViewModel with ReactiveCocoa - Ullrich Schäfer – (@stigi)

Scaling iOS Development - Piet Brauer (@pietbrauer) & Vidu Pirathaparajah (@vimacs) - [A Visit by CocoaHeads Hamburg]

Panono Ball Camera - Björn Bollensdorff

May 21st

Building Forms with Ullrich Part 2: Key Value Validation - Ullrich Schäfer – (@stigi)


Usually we meet at:

Großbeerenstraße 79, 3rd floor
10963 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

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The closest subway stations are U Möckernbrücke (U1, U7, 3-5 minutes walking distance) and U Mehringdamm (U6, U7, 5-10 minutes walking distance).

Food and Drinks

Drinks are available on site for €1 per bottle.

Wanna grab something to eat before the meetup? There is a good pizza/pasta place on the corner right next to CodeKollektiv. Also, there are a lot of food stalls around U Mehringdamm.

Mailing list

Our mailing list is hosted on Google Groups.

Past Talks

Are you interested in giving a talk? Send an email to the mailing list!


Mar 19th

The best of both worlds: Introducing JavaScriptCoreJoshua May (@notjosh)

Cocos2D vs. SpriteKit, a performance showdown – Maxim Zaks (@iceX33)

Special Event – File a Radar

We will be filing Radars about iOS and OS X issues that bother us. The submitter of the most interesting/important Radar as voted by the audience will win a free license for sponsored by Itty Bitty Apps.

Feb 19th

Building nxtbgthng - Gernot Poetsch (@Gernot)

Objective-Smalltalk for the CocoaHeadMarcel Weiher(@mpweiher)

Jan 22, 7pm CocoaHeads Special Event: CocoaKucha with Orta Therox

This month, we had another special edition of CocoaHeads: Orta Therox organized a CocoaKucha evening, where multiple speakers will hold a 20-slides talk in less than 7 minutes each. Here is the list of presented talks:


December 11, 7pm Tech Talks Special (Venue: TBA)

Apple Tech Talks and Alt Tech Talks are in town in December. That's why we will meeting a week earlier than our regular meeting schedule and get some drinks with the participants at Blaues Band

November 20th, 7pm (CodeKollektiv)

UIKit Dynamics in iOS 7 (slides)
Michael Ang – (@mangtronix)

October 16, 7pm (CodeKollektiv)

Custom View Controller Transitions in iOS 7 (slides)
Engin Kurutepe – (@ekurutepe)

September 18, 7pm (back to CodeKollektiv)

Testing using Specta and Expecta (slides)
Daniel Barden – (@danielbarden)

Mocking and Stubbing - Common Use Cases during TDD (slides)
Ullrich Schäfer – (@stigi)

August 21 (at Wooga)

iOS Toolchain at Wooga (slides)
Mattes Groeger (@MattesGroeger)

Mattes talked about the iOS toolchain at Wooga, showing which tools they use for building, testing and releasing their games.

CBCouchbaseIncrementalStore (slides)
Christian Beer (@christian_beer)

Christian talked about his custom NSIncrementalStore implementation that uses CouchDB / TouchDB for data storage (github)

Underscore + Asterism (slides)
Robbert Böhnke (@ceterum_censeo,

Robb talked about functional programming in Objective-C using Underscore and Asterism.




How does iCloud work?
Christian Beer,, @christian_beer

Slides (PDF)



Continuous Integration for iOS projects with Jenkins and Hudson
Falko Richter


Overview/Introduction to Cocos2D
Ole Begemann,, @olebegemann

Slides (PDF)


OpenEars, an open source iOS library for speech recognition and text-to-speech for the iPhone and iPad
Halle Winkler,, @politepix

CocoaHeads Berlin Members

To be created: a list of CocoaHeads Berlin members links to websites, Twitter, etc.